Monday, August 11, 2008

The Firecracker:

I Burst into a Zillion Stars, Into the Painted Skies.

An eccentric Spark, vacated the flock and
to Paradise!

My saner sons, stun to stone, at the mere sight of water.

This one just took the plunge.
His life was good, but shorter.


auramaticalchemy said...

A true masterpiece

Vaccinated Tarantula - II said...

I am guessing its the dru!d? why dont you start a blog for kicks you will be brilliant man.. Its one of those things that dont pay and is worth it. \m/

La said...

lovely! :D I love how it reads!

Vaccinated Tarantula - II said...


thank you...glad you like it :)

suraj said...

nah.. auramatic is not me.. nor the other way around.. but i wholeheartedly agree with him/her.. become an author yo!!!!!!