Wednesday, March 7, 2007

OBITUARY (Oh Bitch you are he!)

It is but my sad misfortune to announce to you the tragic and yes gory demise of the vaccinated tarantula.We tried as hard as we could for 30 long and tantalising minutes but at the end we couldn save him....everytime we thought we had him he would slip would be at the tip of the tongue but slip back to the unexplored deep,sweet unknowns of our hideous hippocampus.Thus the lovely vaccinated tarantula or taru as gajee used to so lovingly call him has passed on to the lap of The Lord Almighty today at 1505 hours after suffering from a rash but inconsistent attack of acute password retrieval failure (APRF).YES IT IS A SHOCKING AND GRAVE LOSS FOR ALL OF US(bharath) WHO KNEW AND CARED ABOUT TARU for taru was a good blog who minded his own quiet life,living silently in his rightfully owned 2 bytes of cyberspace and did his job no worse than the other 500 gazzillion neglected blogs holding his dignity close to his bosom and not letting out as much as a peep about his incredulous and inhumanly unfair state of things.

Mike Check