Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bangalore's Ultimate Walk

This is one of Bangalore's little jewels, five kilometers from the Tarantula home. Its has already entered the city and become a part of Bangalore. Priceless find. Surprisingly nobody seems to know about it. It is right on the main road but the entrance is so narrow, it looks like the entrance of any small coconut plantation. You can never guess that it opens up to thousands of acres of Reserve Forest area that stretches miles beyond a small imagination, you can keep walking many kilometers across Anekal right into Tamil Nadu and never realise. The beauty is so seductive. Till the tiger attacked us. We killed him with our venomously dry tarantula humor just after we entered the small forgotten unfenced perimeter of the national park. We should have carried a gun as a precaution, but my mommy has taught me that visitors shouldn't be rude. So we didn't.