Monday, December 24, 2007

Blog Migration Announcement

Today is the Big Day! I have decided that this blog will be migrating to another URL (pronounced "url"). A lot of thought, planning and effort have gone into this, so it will most likely be a total disaster. The whole Internet could implode. By nightfall the entire industrialized world will be communicating via smoke signals.

But if it actually goes as planned, there will be a link on this site directing you to the new site. It's going to be very elegant. I have employed some top website designers, who have produced some fantastic work ;-)


Gajendra said...

heres a tidbit taru

Gajendra said...

new URL ?

*~ dru!d~* said...

so.. ju haff karried out your plan vithout a hitch eh.. i vill be back tarantula!!!.. and i shall bring destruction vith me.. mwahahahahahaha.