Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rain Smells and the Sun's Tactics

Ah the smell of wet mud reminds me of when i was more down to earth with myself,The conditioned reflex to which is to shut up my trite truisms and lie back and let my nose enjoy himself....have you noticed that these rain smells feel a lot cooler on your nostrils than other smells?

Davangere is turning out to be a hotter and humider version of hell during summer.Its a burning hole. I have come to the conclusion that the sun is an incorrigible rogue. He first momentarily brainwashes everything into a nice glimmering golden during sunrise (like india shining) and then, after he gets his prayers and offerings from the naive, resorts to a full fledged cold blooded heat attack. The ass doesnt even hint at regretting making your armpits cry. Then in the evening at the end of his term like all good politicians he makes full exploit of everyones short t.v retarded brain and once again pretends to care and love and envelopes everything in gold before fading away, leaving his followers in the dark. He is a criminal bastard after sunset, he runs away to a different land, where he is called by a different name and has a different face with a different role but more or less similar halka kelsa methods


Gajendra said...

halka kelsa-naa?

*~ dru!d~* said...

^_^.. no one has spoken truer words in his/her/other category lifetime..